CPI Agribusiness Products

CPI provides products for farming that have been tested and researched. We provide farm inputs like fertilizers, seeds and farm chemicals that are on a leading edge.


CPI has one of the largest and most diverse fruit nursery establishment in Somaliland. In our nursery we sow selected fruit seeds that grow in to healthy and highly productive seedlings. Besides, we offer after-sales servicesthat include continuous agronomic support and trainings.

Tomato-Super Rio Grande

Rio Grande gets along with heat, humidity, and drought

Kilele F1 Tomato seeds

A determinate hybrid tomato for fresh market with excellent sweet taste

Cabbage-Escazu F1

Fresh market cabbage for high yield and stronger resistance against pests and diseases

Spinach Fordhook Giant

Fordhook Giant is a faster growing Swiss chard variety.


Vegetable seeds from CPI

Pepper Indra F1

A blocky hybrid pepper which eventually turns red at full physiological maturity


CPI Agri-business provides both complete and basic soil analysis that encompass soil texture, PH, chemical analysis, EC among others. We also consult our clients on the implementation of effective soil fertility management plan.

15-5-30-2mgo Bulk bag

Desert Energy- A Complete and Concentrated water soluble Fertilizer

20-20-20-2mgo Bulk bag

A complete concentrated Water soluble chemical fertilizer

Desert DAP

Fertilizer formulated for use in the GCC

Calcium Nitrate

Desert Energy Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer

Easygro Vegetative

A water soluble fertilizer for foliar feeding and fertigation

Easygro Starter

A foliar fertilizer suitable for enhancing root development

Easygro Flower & Fruit

A foliar fertilizer suitable for retention of flowers and fruits

Easygro Calcium

A foliar fertiliser formulated for use during fruit setting and development


CPI Agri-business provides state-of-the art laboratory services to assess the health of your soil. Crop production does not only depend on good seeds and fertilizer. We help you get the right chemicals like herbicides and pest control chemicals to help increase the yields and reduce plant damage.

Wetsulf 8WDG

A protective fungicide with contact and vapour action

Umeme Top 50EC

For control of numerous chewing and sucking pests on a variety of crops

Atom 2.5EC

A broad-spectrum insecticide for the control of a wide range of pests

Climb-Miticide 18EC

A highly effective acaricide and insecticide

Matco 72WP

Fungicide for the control of downy mildew in Roses


Botanical insecticide/Nimbeticide/Miticide

All Other Product Categories

Plant Protection Products

Protect plants or plant products from harmful organisms or diseases.

Greenhouse Accessories

Shading fleeces, glazing, spare parts, fixings, shelvings, ventilation, and much more.

Irrigation Equipment

Pipes and fitting, sprinklers, reservoirs, pumps and a variety of products.

Personal protection

Gloves, boots, spraying masks, aprons, glasses, breathing masks.

Hand Tools

Shovels, spades, hoes, rakes, machetes, sickles,

Farm Machinery

Ploughs, tractors and extensions, harvestors,
planters, sorting machines.

Fresh Vegetables

Get the. best fresh from the farm vegetables


Best researched seeds for maximum performance.


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Learning Tips

Plant nutrition

Fertilization is important for plants as they need nutrients for the same reasons that animals need them. They need them to germinate, grow,
fight off diseases and pests and to reproduce. Like animals, nutrients are needed ni larger, smaller or trace amounts for the plant to stay
healthy. We promote the use of a targeted, nutritional fertilizer program that is based on information gathered from your fields and addresses the
nutritional needs of your crop throughout the entire season
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