Pepper Indra F1

A blocky hybrid pepper which eventually turns red at full physiological maturity
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Pepper Indra F1

Plant & harvest medium-early hybrid peppers which turn red at full maturity. These high-yielding seeds produce up to 60 tonnes of pepper in 90 days.

Further information

Plant: Medium sized bush, strong vigour erect plants with good cover and fruit setting

Earliness: Medium.

Maturity: 90 days after transplanting

Fruit: Large deep blocky 3-4 lobes, thick wall, average size 12.5x10 cm. Medium-dark green turning red at maturity.

  • Harvest at 75-90 days for the green market.
  • Harvest at 90-120 days for the red market.
  • Harvest period: 10 weeks in the open field and 4-6 months in the greenhouse.

Weight0.2kgYield25-30 tonnes/acre open field & 50-60 tonnes in the green house.Maturity90 days after transplantingAverage Fruit Weight220 gramsPlant TypeIndeterminatePlant VigourMedium - strongDisease/Pest TolerancePotato Virus, Tobacco Etch, Virus, Tobacco Mosaic Virus

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