All CPI seeds products available for farmers

Tomato-Super Rio Grande

Rio Grande gets along with heat, humidity, and drought

Kilele F1 Tomato seeds

A determinate hybrid tomato for fresh market with excellent sweet taste

Cabbage-Escazu F1

Fresh market cabbage for high yield and stronger resistance against pests and diseases

Spinach Fordhook Giant

Fordhook Giant is a faster growing Swiss chard variety.


Vegetable seeds from CPI

Pepper Indra F1

A blocky hybrid pepper which eventually turns red at full physiological maturity

Red Lady Papaya seeds

Red fleshed fruit averaging 1.5 to 2.0 kg. Good sweetness

Okra Clemson Spinless

Vegetable Seeds From CPI Seeds Ltd

Pasto Mullato II

Excellent forage quality of Mulato II for high consumption

Herb Parsley

A biennial plant with bright green, feather-like leaves

Eggplant-Black Beauty

Medium maturity with a long picking period

Coriander Dhania

Coriander from CPI Seeds has attractive green foliage

Collards-Sukuma Wiki

Excellent cooking quality • Ideal for distant markets • Widely adaptable

Super Wonder Capsicum

Super Wonder pepper from CPS seeds

Long Red Cayenne

Popular, long and very pungent

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