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Save the Children

Dec 2023
Awdal region

Save the children

Hirsh abele- Beledwein

Save the children

Sanaag – Somaliland


Somaliland- Sanaag

Geel-lookor farming project

Somaliland- Sahil

Arabsiyo Grow farm

Somaliland- Mardoodi-jeeh

Other Services

Plant nutrition

Fertilization is important for plants as they need nutrients for the same reasons that animals need them. They need them to germinate, grow,
fight off diseases and pests and to reproduce. Like animals, nutrients are needed ni larger, smaller or trace amounts for the plant to stay
healthy. We promote the use of a targeted, nutritional fertilizer program that is based on information gathered from your fields and addresses the
nutritional needs of your crop throughout the entire season

Seedlings & nursery

CPI has one of the largest and most diverse fruit nursery establishment in Somalil-
and. In our nursery we sow selected fruit seeds that grow in to healthy and highly productive seedlings. Besides, we offer after-sales servicesthat include continuous agronomic support and trainings. The following types of seedlings are available at CPI Nürsery: Guava, Lemon, Orange (Egypt), Orange(local), Mango, Papaya, Avoca- do, and pomegranate

Gardening & landscaping

CPI Agribusiness is your one-stop shop in making your surrounding attrac tive and creative. Our gardening and landscaping department covers from your house or facility indoors to outdoors. At our nursery we have a rich choice of different varieties of both ornamentals a n d fruit trees flowers among others things

Water analysis

Acomprehensive analysis with water testing can indicate the suitability of a water supply for household, irrigation, livestock, fertigation, and greenhouse use. Water is the important factor in agriculture and its both abundancy and quality affect production. Bad quality water damage both crops and degrade land. Our water analysis services include physical analysis, chemi- cal analysis and microbiology analysis.

Livestock fodder

The priority issues affecting livestock chain productivity in the region are inadequate pastures, water, disease and pests, market, poor infrastructure, climate change and variability. To increase and stabilise livestock production CPI aims to im-prove the livelihoods of farmers and livestöck keepers, in particular, we focus on the work of animal feed and fodder production by providing animal feeds to pastoralists.

Farm equipment lease

CPI leases a fleet of high-tech tractors to make farm operations as painless as possible. These machineries are the first of their kind in the Somali region. These tractors are ready for deployment within short notice not exceeding 48 hours across the country.

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